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Sunday April 11, 2021

Front row Cutting Seminar. 13-14 September.

Are you a professional hairstylist or you are about to start your career in hairdressing?

Sign in the FRONT ROW CUTTING seminar, stay sharp, elevate your skills, get inspired and maximize your talent along with the team of MOB SALONS!

Here you will learn everything regarding hair cutting. From tools and how-to-use them to basic design principles, head shapes and their particularities, texture of hair, communication principles, as well as 6 basic haircuts that every hairdresser should know. The seminar lasts three days and includes interactive participation in workshops, activities and practice in all 6 haircuts.

The FRONT ROW CUTTING is an exclusive training seminar, specially designed by the team of MOB SALONS, aiming to be a stepping-stone for your career and an experience of a lifetime!

Learn more about the seminar schedule, space and time, costs and payment methods, and all the essential info on http://bit.ly/1C0hP5z.

Make your reservation now!

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