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Wednesday October 20, 2021

Our image and how it can be elevated. Part 1.

 Part 1: The Myth of beauty.

What is beauty? It’s not a common sense. In every historical period, we meet different standards of beauty and rules of aesthetics, which change through the years. They influence culture, fashion, society.

In our society, the idea of beauty concurs with slimness and nice bodies, which identify us as distinctive, flexible and fast. This aspect was not valid, neither for Botticelli’s women, nor for the French beauty standards during the 18th century. The feminine curves were for centuries the main characteristic of the female beauty, which remains the same until today in the Muslim culture.

The beauty standards of the western world are very different today. The magazines, cinema, TV and advertising launch pictures of female and male beauty and lifestyle models, all perfectly made with Photoshop and plastic surgery. Beauty is not severe. If we accept ourselves as we are, imperfectly perfect, and we selectively accept the star system just as a precursor of fashion and new trends, we reach the point to refresh ourselves and not to compare them.

Only a few women are lucky enough to be perfectly beautiful. Charm though is a result of certain methods and is not based on our subjective instincts! Choosing clothes, makeup and hair styles that suit her personality, every woman can highlight her uniqueness. Appreciate yourselves and transform your little imperfections into elements of charm! My next articles will be focused on useful tips and secrets that will present to you how to interpret fashion, in order to use it in the best possible way for yourself.


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