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Wednesday October 20, 2021

Hairdressing is a journey. Enjoy it as a professional!

I started writing an article on what a “good hair cut” means. How it is evaluated, which are its possibilities and characteristics, how it can help us and how we can take advantage of it.

Before I begin, I took a glimpse on various blogs and hairdressing websites, in order to see what’s going on. I was impressed by an article regarding a guy who had visited many hair salons, in more of which he met hairdressers with arrogant attitude. He used to pay about 15 or 20 euros, without getting the desired results, as their services were quite poor. Everything changed when this man met a team of Pakistani, who treated him just wonderful. They were spending time, focusing on his haircut, they were cutting his ear hair and he was paying only 5 euros. So he started suggesting them to his friends. There were plenty of comments about experiences with hairdressers, replying to his article. The highight was a woman’s comment, who basically was advising someone to follow her tactics and cut his hair on his own.

I will not focus on these people’s experiences and how they perceive things around them. I address the professional hairdressers, those ones who have probably started their career in the wrong way, raising questions about one of the oldest jobs in our history.

You began or begin a journey, which will last for too long. You are excited, nervous and probably a little bit surprised that you are here. For any reason, your choice to work as a hairdresser is your desire to help people look and feel well. And that’s the job that suits you best. You will work too much and hard. You will have success and failures. You will face a lot of problems and you will definitely find many solutions. At the end of the day, you will feel content with your life itself.

When you are ready, you will look for and find many directions in the hairdressing industry. You might work at hair salons’ chains, in alternative salons or you may create your own salon. You might focus on hair salon’s management or become a colour specialist or you may even do presentations and shows to other hairdressers. The future is bright and it has no limits.

No matter what you choose, you will always play a crucial role in your clients’ life. They will trust you for professional tips and for your artistic approach. And all these will be happening in a friendly and peaceful environment. Many people who will ask for your services, will feel better externally and internally just because of you. That means that you have to devote time in seminars, photo shootings, fashion and to spread your energy to many different people.

The 21st century’s demands are huge both in technical and technological knowledge. All these are your choice to do this job, in order to make consumers feel better with their appearance every single day. That’s how they appreciate our services.

All I have to say concluding is: enjoy this journey as a professional! 

D. CH.

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